In May 2010 the concept of developing a non profit-making radio station broadcasting a positive format began to evolve in our thinking. Looking around at the vast number of internet stations we realised that distinctiveness is the name of the game in attracting and keeping listeners, and so we began to formulate a plan which would satisfy this.
Over the months we researched our requirements, purchased equipment, software, media, licencing and bandwidth, and slowly put together a schedule which put us in a significant niche in the market.

A number of contributors have also been recruited to bring this plan to fruition. Our launch was 31st January, 2011, test broadcasts started on 10th January 2011. Since then listening numbers and hours have increased consistently, new shows and presenters have been added, and between January and March of this year (2018) we were heard in just over 130 countries.

For a while the Uplift concept included Uplift Christian Fellowship (UCF-Worldwide), Uplift Ministries and Uplift Media (the audio/video commercial aspect of our work)When the business ceased, however,  in 2017, it was decided that the  ‘Uplift’ concept should continue in a purely non-money making, voluntary format, ‘a labour of love’ self financed only by the Uplift team. It now comprises of Uplift Radio, Uplift Christian Fellowship and Uplift Counselling & Supervision.

Vision Statement

To encourage our listeners, to lift their spirits, to build their hopes, to accentuate the positive qualities in life.

Mission Statement

This will be achieved by scheduling a varied selection of programmes all day, every day. We will be incorporating a wide diversity of genre, interspersed with positive quotes, drama, chat and inspirational thought. We are, as a Christian organisation, committed to quality and positive broadcasting.

We are not however setting out to create a Christian radio station as such; this niche is filled by many others today. We recognise that on a general level there is a great need for positive programming in a climate of pressure, depression and recession.
As a result we believe that good music and stimulating thought from all avenues, including those of faith, have a strong part to play in addressing this.